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Image by Si Vis Amari, Ama via Flickr advertises extensively on  manycollege campuses . They often  promise  wages in the neighborhood of $14.00+ per hour and/or ‘customer service positions’.

The underlying company is also known as Cutco or Vector Marketing. Vector is in the business of selling high-cost knives thru direct sales, also known as ‘door-to-door’ or ‘commission-only’ sales.

A number of people, usually college students, have had negative experiences with this company.A common complaint is that you must purchase a sales kit in the neighborhood of $100.

That $100 is non-refundable, raising suspicions that the company is ALSO in the ‘business’ of selling sales kits!

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Many also complain that the company used ‘deceptive’ recruitment practices. They THOUGHT the company was offering easy, well-paying, indoor hourly work!INSTEAD, they got offered challenging, commission-based sales of high-priced items, often outside!

It is certainly true that not everybody is cut out to be a salesperson, and though some people make a little money selling the knives to immediate friends and family, it seems that most people who try to sell the knives don’t meet with success.

On the other hand, some rise to the defense of the company and state that it gave them a good initial experience in the business/sales world.

And there’s no doubt the company WILL train you in high-pressure sales techniques.

If you can take rejection, are AGGRESSIVE in your need to make money, you might find more than worthwhile as a summer job

If you learn how to sell with WorkForStudents, you can certainly apply sales skills later in your career!Another plus is that you can work over the summer to raise cash for school, then quit in the fall.If it all seems a little too controversial and you weren’t especially wanting to be an outside salesperson anyway, consider this alternative:

LegitOnlineWork distributes the most authoritative guide for students to part-time home based opportunities. They have been in business compiling their list of firms–especially those that need student home workers– for over 15 years! And the service charge for the guide has a money-back guarantee, so it’s risk-free to check it out!

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If you’ve had experiences with Workforstudents, especially recent ones, perhaps you would like to comment below.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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