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You might have seen ads about getting paid to drive “ad cars”, or actually getting a free car with ads on it.

While qualification is tough and luck is needed combined with living in the right geography for a given ad campaign, it is possible to get money for having e your car (or the car provided to you) turned into a rolling advertisement.

If you regularly drive 800 miles or more monthly along heavily trafficed routes in your daily life, you may want to explorethe companies that offer car wraps.

The idea is fairly simple. The number of billboards along the busiest roads and freeways is limited and in some places not allowed at all. Advertisers put ads on the outside of cars to reach those drivers. The difficulty is that purchasing an huge number of cars for an advertising campaign can be very expensive, so a solution was hit upon.

Instead of buying their own cars, companies will sometimes buy space on private party cars. To compensate your for letting a company “wrap” your car with their ad, they will write you a monthly. The check can be as high as $400 a month for a complete car wrap and a bit less for a partial car wrap or a window wrap.

An alternative that some of these companies will give you in place of car wraps is to provide you with a free auto with ads already on it. You usually don’t get checks in this deal or get to choose the type of car provided, but you do receive free use of the car for the period of the campaign.

So is there a catch?

The main catch is there are many more drivers wanting cars than advertising campaigns available. And, if you don’t already drive many miles or live in a densely populated area (though large college campuses are ideal location) where the advertisement will be seen by the specific audience the advertisers want, your chance of being chosen is low.

Usually, the companies require you to drive at least 800 miles a month. Not driving sufficient miles can void the contract and most companies use global positioning systems (GPS) in the auto to track the miles and locations you drive each month.

Most companies require you to be at least 18, have a good driving record and buy your auto insurance. Moving violations will in most cases prohibit you from being considered.

If you are interested in becoming a paid driver, there are a number of advisory companies that will give you complete information. We recommend you begin with the most authoritative guide available from a company called THE FREE CAR

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