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Is StudentSurveyJobs.Info Legit?

When you are a student you need a part time  that can get you the extra money you need, but that still allows for your studies to be of first importance. In terrible times like these , a job like this  can be hard to find.  There is, however, an easy  way to earn fast cash from home and earn it at your leisure.

What is this magical solution ?

Taking marketing surveys online.

Here is how it can work for you, and how to get started.

The reason you can earn money taking surveys is because marketing firms hire survey companies (also known as research panels) to compile consumer incofmation for them. The information they collect guides the markeitng firms in the kinds of products they make, how they are sold and at what price they are marketed.

Additionally, since socio-economic variables and public tastes are constantly changing, they need fupdatedinput about their products.

These research surveys don’t include only physical products that can be brought home, but includes things like television programs, sample commercials, etc. You may be asked to view film trailers, TV shows, test products, or simply give your evaluations about products and services you already use and buy.

To get started earning money through surveys, all you have to do is get a list of   survey companies, olet them know you are available for survey work, and fill out some individual profile information at company website.

The surveys will all range in compensation and the time it takes to do them, so calculate your “hourly rate” when you take them, because sometimes shorter surveys pay better than longer one.

You should register for the companies that only offer sweepstakes entries for your time. Why should you register for these companies?

Because these same companies also do periodi focus groups (up to $150/hour), give you complimentary products to test (which means you won’t have to pruchase it), and sometimes have paying opportunities every now and then. If you are not registered, you won’t see those opportunities and you will truly miss out.

Remember, not every survey firm will have a survey for you to take at any given time, so you shouldregister for multiple companies to maximize your earning power. You are always in complete control of the surveys you take, and you will not be penalized for giving a pass on a survey, so you can decide which ones you think are worth your time and you can start earning immediately.

Here is a link to StudentSurveyJobs.Info, which has been around for some time and provides a list of surveys available to college students.  While there is a small registration fee, that will get you the most updated list of surveys and fill you in with all the details about this business.
One mistake many people make is trying to compile a list of survey companies “for free”.  While this is theoretically possible, we feel it is worth paying SOMEBODY ELSE to get a current list of paying survey companies.  These companies DO come and go, and a list of companies that are dead or barely in business will mean you will spend HOURS applying to these companies and get NOTHING in return.
What we like about and the survey program they market, is that there is a full, 60-Day, “no questions asked” refund available.  We know from experience that they will gladly return your initial fee if you want to quit for any reason.
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