Summer Camp Counselor Jobs – A Job You Can Have Fun at and Get Paid at the Same Time
By Bob Randooke

You have made it through the school year and it is summer time at last and you already to start looking for a good summer job that is not only adventurous but one that is fulfilling, but where can you find a job in which you can stay outdoors, work with people in a very relaxed atmosphere and also get paid well for it?

There can only be one kind of job that fits all of these descriptions and that is being a summer camp counselor. Summer camp counselor jobs are great for you as you will be doing many fun outdoor activities such as hiking the great outdoors, sing songs around the campfire, go swimming at the local lake as well as teaching others how to handle themselves in the great outdoors.

Being a counselor at a summer camp is also a great learning experience for you that you will use later on in life. As a young adult you will learn how to deal with all of the different personalities of kids that are coming from many different parts of the country and it is your job to make sure that their experience and interactions with each other goes smoothly.

There are so many options that you could choose from the kids at these camps that it will always keep them guessing as to what new adventure will lie you had the next day. You will never have to deal with grumpy adults were constantly nagging you at a restaurant or some retail store. These kids have come here to have fun and they are generally very easy to control as they will look up to you as a sort of father figure during their stay for the summer.

The great thing about this job is that they are camps out there for almost any type of experience. For example if you are applying as a camp counselor to work with the handicapped children then your job focus is to help them have as much fun as possible while also learning to deal with their physical handicaps. If however you are a strong Christian with a good faith and morals, you could always apply to be a counselor at a Christian summer camp where you will teach kids about God and the Bible and how it pertains to their experiences in life. If you are a Native American that you can also apply to Indian summer camp where you can’t teach kids about the rich cultural history that your Native American tribe has in this country. Whatever your expertise is there is almost certainly a summer camp that focuses on it.

Now that we have given you a general description of some of the different summer camps that are out there, let’s talk about the kind of pay that you can expect to get over the summertime in this line of work. If you are being paid weekly and you should expect around $250 a week, but if you are being paid at the end of the summer season then you could expect to be paid around $3000-$4000, and these are just for the regular summer camps. If you are looking to work with handicapped kids or with kids with certain learning disabilities you can expect to be paid a lot more on top of that.

Another great part of working at any camp is that food, room and board and other camp expenses are usually paid for by the camp itself so no expenses will come out of your pocket. I still remember my first experience as an 11-year-old and six great camp and it was one of the best times of my life. The reason why I had so much fun is because I felt so relaxed around the camp counselors and they made sure that we always had a lot of fun activities to do.

Do not miss out on this opportunity as it will impact you in many positive ways for the rest of your life.

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